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Who we are


Sales & Operations

A natural born communicator in whichever language, Tomas had carved out a successful management career in the Entertainment industry before moving lock, stock & barrel with his wife and business partner to UK to  follow his entrepreneurial heart, founding outdoor kids' brand Kozi Kidz and finding a new home in the outdoor industry.


Sales - North England & Scotland


Sales & Operations 

Retail and wholesale experience in the winter, outdoor, country and sports fashion and footwear industries working for premium and technical brands, camping and performance retailers.

Expedition to Pakistan's Northern territories, Ex British Army and Outdoor Instructor. Childhood Beaver, Cub and Scout.

Adam is also the Founder of and Social.


Sales - South England

Phil brings over 30 years of experience in the outdoor industry to the team. With roles as varied as retailer, buyer, store manager and sales agent he has vast insight into all aspects of the sales and marketing process. A Devon native, Phil is a keen golfer and will primarily cover the southern part of England though isn't adverse to venturing further north.


Marketing and Communications

Following a succesful international marketing career in FMCG and Entertainment, Linda returned to the UK and drawing on experience gained primarily in Sweden took her first steps into the outdoor industry establishing kids' outdoor brand Kozi Kidz together with  husband and business partner Tomas. The industry has proven to be a natural fit  both personally and professionally.

What we do

Experts in Brand Wholesale

Compass work with brands, whether global or start-up to build awareness and sales in the UK and Ireland.

Analyse markets to identify opportunities, build strategy, plan and execute trade events while coordinating trade and marketing channels with PR and on delivery of products to retailers.

Why are we Compass?

Because the compass changed the world

Ancient mariners used the stars for navigation, but this method didn’t work during the day or on cloudy nights, making it dangerous to travel far from land. 

The first compass was invented in China during the Han dynasty between the 2nd Century B.C. and 1st Century A.D.; it was made of lodestone, a naturally-magnetized iron ore, the attractive properties of which they had been studying for centuries. However, it was used for navigation for the first time during the Song Dynasty, between the 11th and 12th centuries,

Soon after, the technology to the West through nautical contact. The compass enabled mariners to navigate safely far from land, opening up the world for exploration and the subsequent development of global trade. An instrument still widely used today, the compass has transformed our knowledge and understanding of the Earth forever.

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