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Dolomite has over a century of experience in developing and producing the best outdoor footwear and apparel. Our roots are in the Dolomite mountains and, together with our Italian design and style, they inspire our brand and products. We have a passion for the mountains, the outdoors and lifestyle.

Over the years

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1897 dolomite
  1954 Dolomite
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Shoe Factory

The Dolomite shoe factory began operating in 1897. Giuseppe Garbuio, who was only 17 years old at the time,opened the Fabbrica Scarpe Montello store.


Karakorum Peak


In 1954, when an Italian expedition set out to conquer K2 in the Himalayas - one of the most dangerous peaks in the world - they were equipped with Dolomite boots.



'The White Mountain'

In 1960 a Swiss expedition conquered Dhaulagiri, the White Mountain, the seventh highest peak in the world.



71st Parallel North

In 1966 the Italian Alpine Club of Carate Brianza and Gruppo Ragni of Lecco reached the 71° Parallel North in Greenland.




These major expeditions gave the brand international visibility and other important expeditions followed.
It is to these extraordinary traditions that Dolomite owes its unique knowledge and experience, which you still find today in our collections.

1960 Dolomite
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